I had a little time to think what to take with me when I left Baghdad.  I chose the tools of my design profession and the pens of a calligraphy class I had been attending. These pens are some of the reed pens that the great calligrapher, Mr. Khalil Al-Zahawi, may God have mercy on him, gave me. I am very proud of him, and I cherish the memory of my teacher Khalil as a great artist and sincere Sufi. Al-Zahawi lost his life due to the sectarian violence that swept Baghdad after 2003 and targeted his art and faith.

كانَ لديَ القليلُ منَ الوقت التفكير بما يجبُ أن أخذُه معي عندما أُغادر بغداد، فاخترتُ أدوات الرسم الخاصة بمهنتي كمُصَمِمَة ، واخترتُ إطاراً فضياً فضياً صغيراً يحملُ صورة لأبي، وإخترتُ أقلامُ القصب الخاصة بدرسِ الخط العربي الذي إضطررتُ للتخلي عنه. 

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