He is the father of Iranian alternative music, I didn't know it when I was a teenager and was obsessed with his music, it sounded totally different! This album (The Migrating Bird) is one of the many other cassettes that my father bought when he was young before the revolution in Iran. I brought this cassette to Scotland because it's connected to my identity as a musician and I have an emotional connection with the singer. Kourosh Yaghmaei is my idol, he is the reason I play guitar, sing, and have the style I have today in my music. This album is not just an object, it contains beautiful songs from the early seventies. Two songs about homeland love are so significant as they are the sound of people wanting a change, supporting lefty politics, which ended up in the Islamic revolution, the most disastrous event for Iranians in modern history. His music was banned after the revolution but he could release albums later but he was never allowed to go on stage again. I'm born after the revolution and my music is also forbidden, as female solo singing was banned after the revolution. Music is the reason I'm here in Scotland and he is the reason I'm a musician.

 مهم هستند که صدای مردمی هستند که خواهان تغییر هستند، از سیاست های چپ حمایت می کنند، که به انقلاب اسلامی ختم شد، فاجعه بارترین رویداد برای ایرانیان در تاریخ معاصر. موسیقی او بعد از انقلاب ممنوع شد اما بعداً توانست آلبوم منتشر کند اما دیگر اجازه روی صحنه رفتن را نداشت. من متولد بعد از انقلاب هستم و موسیقی من هم ممنوع است، چون تک خوانی زنان بعد از انقلاب ممنوع شد. موسیقی دلیلی است که من اینجا در اسکاتلند هستم و او دلیلی است که من یک نوازنده هستم. 
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